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ICIF Winter Expo on Arts and Craft & Art Shenzhen 2014

第十届文博会冬季工艺美术精品展暨2014艺术深圳 日期:2014年12月12日至15日(周五至周一) 地点: 深圳会展中心6号馆(画廊博览会),深圳会展中心7号馆(艺术衍生品博览会) 冬季工艺美术精品展:深圳会展中心8、9号馆   第十届文博会冬季工艺美术精品展 举办时间:2014年12月12日至15日(周五至周一) 举办地点:深圳会展中心8、9号馆 展会目标:倾力打造中国工艺美术第一展 展会主题:工艺美术·品质生活 展会面积:22500平方米 标准展位:1060个 日程安排 布展时间:2014年12月10日-11日 展览时间:2014年12月12日-15日(周五至周一) 撤展时间:2014年12月15日下午17:00-24:00 2014艺术深圳 2014艺术深圳依托于中国(深圳)国际文化产业博览交易会(以下简称“文博会”)的专业性平台,旨在打造艺术品交易的产业链,培育中国艺术市场和艺术新生代人才,推动中国艺术品的市场化与国际化,促进中外文化艺术领域的沟通和交流。 作为中国唯一一个国家级、国际化、综合性的文化产业博览交易会,文博会美术板块自举办以来,受到了美术界、收藏界、艺术品市场及消费者的关注与青睐,已经获得了广泛的认知度和稳定的买家资源。本次2014艺术深圳将 划分为:画廊展示交易区、主题展区、拍卖预展区、艺术媒体(机构)区、VIP交流洽谈区。并特别设置书画鉴赏及收藏讲座、主题研讨会和美术作品拍卖会等相 关活动和配套服务。与此同时,今年首次增设的授权艺术衍生品展馆,将囊括原创复制艺术品、艺术家授权衍生产品、博物馆授权衍生品、原创设计和品牌定制等, 此次衍生品特展将充分发挥深圳“设计之都”的资源优势和制造业的产业集群优势,打造“艺术+设计+产品”的新兴文化产业链。我们将会在总结过去成功经验的 基础上,加强规范管理、打造专业服务意识、促进市场化运作,全力以赴助力参展机构实现经济效益和社会效益的最大化。 2014艺术深圳将于2014年12月12日-15日(周五至周一)在深圳会展中心6、7号馆举办,展示面积达15000平方米。届时将携手画廊、拍卖行等各大专业艺术机构、艺术类媒体以及文化创意企业共同打造新一轮文化艺术交流交易平台。 Expo time: December 12-15, 2014 (from Friday to Monday) Venue: Hall 6(Art Hall)and Hall7(Art Derivatives),Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Art Gallery Exhibition Art Shenzhen 2014 welcomes and encourages diversified art forms […]

Thanksgiving Day Shenzhen China – 感謝祭

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on […]

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital Stomatology Dept

名称:北京大学深圳医院 English Name:PEKING UNIVERSITY SHENZHEN HOSPITAL 地址:广东省深圳市福田区莲花路120 Address: 1120 Lianhua Rd, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518036 联系电话 755-8392333 Phone:+86 755 8392 3333   Introduction Shenzhen Hospital was named Shenzhen Central Hospital when it was opened in 1999. It was renamed as Peking University Shenzhen Hospital and Peking University Shenzhen Clinical Medical College after the cooperation […]

Reform & Innovation of Pension Service in Guangming New District

According to the recent news from the Social Construction Department, the reform and innovation of pension service in Guangming New District has been initiated, and that means people over 70 years old can obtain the advanced allowance. This new measure aims at improving the welfare of the senior in Guangming New District and prompting the […]

Poor Service for Employees in Shenzhen

In the recent years, these ruthless conditions, such as high house price and high-level consumption, directly or indirectly are putting the great pressure on employees, especially the young ones and reducing Shenzhen’s charm for them. What’s more, for the fresh graduates, the poor service of the personnel market depress and trouble them, which arise the […]

Smart Bus Brings Passengers into Free WiFi Age

Yesterday afternoon, in the 2nd China Information Technology Expo, a smart bus contributed by Shenzhen Guangqi Higher Polytechnic Institute and Vision China Media Group Co., Ltd., catched participants’ eyes. It was released that the public transportation in Shenzhen was greatly likely to be the 1st to welcome the free WiFi age. The journalist on spot […]

2nd China Information Technology Expo Held in Shenzhen

2nd China Information Technology Expo has been held for 3 days in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. It is themed “promoting information consumption, leading transformaton and upgrading. ” There are over 1500 firms participating in the Expo and more than 3000 new products displayed and new technologies introduced. Reported by Shenzhen Special Economy Zone Daily, […]

Shenzhen’s commercial real estate ranks 4th

In the report issued by Shenzhen World Union Properties Consultancy Co.,Ltd., the commercial real estateof Shenzhen ranks 4th. Among the vulnerable or risky cities in the report, large-scale real estate enterprises are included, such as these leading enterprises like China Vanke Co.,Ltd., China Poly Group Corporation, Gemdale Corporation in Sanya, Wenzhou, Yueyang, and Wuhu. In […]

New Index from CCFA: Shenzhen Ranking first

Today, China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) issues the index of convenience stores (CVS) in cities of China, Shenzhen at the top and Beijing the last but one. This survey analysizes the 4 index of chain-orientation CVS taken from 26 medium and large cities about their growth rate, saturability, propotion in 24 hours and government […]