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Reform & Innovation of Pension Service in Guangming New District

According to the recent news from the Social Construction Department, the reform and innovation of pension service in Guangming New District has been initiated, and that means people over 70 years old can obtain the advanced allowance. This new measure aims at improving the welfare of the senior in Guangming New District and prompting the […]

Poor Service for Employees in Shenzhen

In the recent years, these ruthless conditions, such as high house price and high-level consumption, directly or indirectly are putting the great pressure on employees, especially the young ones and reducing Shenzhen’s charm for them. What’s more, for the fresh graduates, the poor service of the personnel market depress and trouble them, which arise the […]

Smart Bus Brings Passengers into Free WiFi Age

Yesterday afternoon, in the 2nd China Information Technology Expo, a smart bus contributed by Shenzhen Guangqi Higher Polytechnic Institute and Vision China Media Group Co., Ltd., catched participants’ eyes. It was released that the public transportation in Shenzhen was greatly likely to be the 1st to welcome the free WiFi age. The journalist on spot […]

2nd China Information Technology Expo Held in Shenzhen

2nd China Information Technology Expo has been held for 3 days in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. It is themed “promoting information consumption, leading transformaton and upgrading. ” There are over 1500 firms participating in the Expo and more than 3000 new products displayed and new technologies introduced. Reported by Shenzhen Special Economy Zone Daily, […]

Shenzhen’s commercial real estate ranks 4th

In the report issued by Shenzhen World Union Properties Consultancy Co.,Ltd., the commercial real estateof Shenzhen ranks 4th. Among the vulnerable or risky cities in the report, large-scale real estate enterprises are included, such as these leading enterprises like China Vanke Co.,Ltd., China Poly Group Corporation, Gemdale Corporation in Sanya, Wenzhou, Yueyang, and Wuhu. In […]

New Index from CCFA: Shenzhen Ranking first

Today, China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) issues the index of convenience stores (CVS) in cities of China, Shenzhen at the top and Beijing the last but one. This survey analysizes the 4 index of chain-orientation CVS taken from 26 medium and large cities about their growth rate, saturability, propotion in 24 hours and government […]

7 Wolf Pups Show up in Shenzhen Wildlife Park

In Shenzhen wildlife park, 7 wolf pups have been taken good care of by their parents for about 20 days and stepped out of the cave into the outside world in the company of their parnets. It is the first time that the female wolf successfully has given birth to so many cute wolf pups […]

Shenzhen Temporary Trains Wait for Qingming

During Qingming, Shenzhen West Station will open 2 temporary trains. One is Hengyang K9260 and the other Yueyang K9202. Travellers can book tickets via Internet, telephone or go to the ticket counter.   Because in the past weekends, there is an increasing number of travelers to go back to their hometown, visiting their departed relatives’ graves. […]

4G Age: New Stage of Demestic Brands

Cao Jingsheng, vice president of Yulong Coolpad Co.  has received the interview by a journalist of Shenzhen Commercial News. He says that the development of 4G is beyond our imagination and it will bring a historic opportunity of “corner overtaking” for the demestic brands. In next years, the demestic brands will fight into the first […]