HuaQiaoCheng Station,Overseas Chinese Town

HuaQiaoCheng Station华侨城站

Exit A
City Inn OCT Branch (Xin Qiao) (城市客栈新侨店)
Gold Coast Club (黄金海岸)
Guangqiao Street (光侨街)
Huaxia Arts Center (华夏艺术中心)
Konka Group (康佳集团)
Seaview Garden (海景花园)
Seaview Hotel (海景酒店)
Xinqiao Building (新侨大厦)

Exit B
CMALL (铜锣湾广场)
Hantang Building (汉唐大厦)
Huaqiao Street (侨城街)
Huaxia Arts Center (华夏艺术中心)
OCT Group Office Building (华侨城集团办公楼)
OCT Middle School (华侨城中学)
Shenzhen Post Conference Center (Hongbo Hotel) (邮电会议中心)
Walmart OCT (沃尔玛购物广场)

Exit C
Hexiangning Art Museum (何香凝美术馆)
Intercontinental Shenzhen Hotel (深圳华侨城洲际大酒店)
Oriental Garden (东方花园 )

Exit D
China Folk Culture Village (中国民俗文化村)
Splendid China (锦绣中华)

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