Shenzhen LuoHu Commercial City

Chinese Title:罗湖商业城

Address:Luohu border crossing,Luo Hu station(Shenzhen Metro Line N0.1),Shenzhen Railway Station


By bus (Bus stop: Shenzhen Railway Station): 1,7, 12, 17, 25, 38,82,83,97,101,102 ,more and more,more…


Add: Luo Hu Commercial City, Luo Hu Railway Station, Shenzhen City


By bus: take 395, 310-315,367, 323, 311 at Nantou Inspection Station to The Window of the World, then transfer subway to Luo Hu Railway Station (Shenzhen Railway Station) in 30 minutes, and Luo Hu Commercial City is just at the exit of the subway station.

Luo Hu Commercial City, located in Luo Hu District of Shenzhen City, is a commercial building with 7 stories. It adjoins to Shenzhen Railway Station and Luo Hu Station of Shenzhen Subway Line 1. Combining with Luo Hu Railway Station below the Commercial City, it typifies the transport hub in South China.

Luo Hu Commercial City covers an occupancy area of 10,932 square kilometers, and a total area (with 6 stories) of 75,777 square kilometers with a FAR of 4.6%. Its exterior wall was made by hidden frame glass prevalent in inland at that time.

According to the data of 1994, Luo Hu Commercial City was divided into the long-distance bus station and the commercial building, while the subsidiary supporting public facilities included public parking lot on the surface, the coach station on the first floor, and the Post Office, Bank Service, bookstores, and walking corridors on the second floor. As to the third to the sixth floor, there was a mall, including department stores, Chinese restaurants, fashion shops, boutiques and playgrounds.

There are 48 elevators in the mall, including 32 escalators and 16 lifts. There also are 1280 shops in different sizes, whose renting rate is 99%.

The coach station lies in the first floor, where there are long-haul vans and buses going to major cities in Guangdong Province from Shenzhen. The ticket-office, the wait-room, and the bus stop are on the first floor as well. There are many shops from the second to the seventh floor, mostly selling goods to travelers passing through Luo Hu Immigration Control Point or Hong Kong natives passing through the custom.

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