Shenzhen Attractions

Attractions in Shenzhen

Your guide to top attractions in Shenzhen including museums, galleries, parks and family days out. Find out about the Tower of Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Eye, Hyde Park, the Shenzhen Museum and more.

Shenzhen is a modern financial and commercial metropolis in China; however, it lacks the history and natural beauties which attract visitors to many of the other big cities in China. In recent years the city has compensated by developing excellent theme parks and man-made scenic spots. These modern facilities have succeeded in drawing in crowds of tourists, eager to check out the contemporary attractions.

Window of the World, a theme-park near to Shenzhen Bay, is one of the highlights of Shenzhen. The park displays miniature versions of more than 130 world famous sites, from each of the five continents. Here you are able to visit many of the world's great landmarks in just one day. Of course, since you are in China, you will also want to explore some of China's most well-known sites. Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages are two special destinations built in Shenzhen to that will introduce you to many interesting aspects of China's culture and scenery. Splendid China features miniature replicas of splendid Chinese historical sites and charming natural beauties. China Folk Culture Villages will introduce you to the cultures of the many Chinese ethnic groups. Its highlights include life-sized examples of distinctive buildings from each group, as well as rich ethnic performances.

Happy Valley (Happy Kingdom), which is near to the Window of the World, is the largest theme park in Shenzhen and consists of nine major projects, including a Spanish Square, Cartoon City, the Adventure Hill, and the Maya Water Park. While at Happy Valley, you can join in the many exciting games and enjoy a variety of excellent performances which cater to both children and adults. Happy Valley is a full service park, providing visitors with everything from sightseeing, entertainment, catering and accommodations, to shopping.

Besides, there are still many attractions worth a visit in the city. Among of them, Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden, Shenzhen Safari Park, Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha Scenic Area (two excellent bathing beaches), Minsk World (a theme park), and Meridian View Center (also called the window of Shenzhen) are highly recommended. Moreover, Xili Lake Resort endowed with enchanting natural view offers a quiet place for citizens to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town East Resort

Shenzhen Wutong mountains

Shenzhen Xibaolou Museum of Celadon

Dafen Oil Painting Village

Most major Chinese cities now host 'Artists Villages', where thousands of artists live and turn out millions of replicas of the world's best paintings. However, forget any ideas of a quaint artists retreat, the estimated 5000 plus artists in Dafen often produce the paintings in factory conditions, turning them out like a car on a production line. However, there are also hundreds of individual artists who will paint a replica Rembrandt or Monet in just a few hours. Paintings costs as little as $40. Even if you don't plan on buying, it's a fascinating cultural phenomenon and walking through the dusty streets, lined with works by the great masters is nothing short of bizarre. Dafen Oil Painting Village,BuJi Neighbourhood, LongGang District

10 Must Sees in Shenzhen China

Guidebook writers say Shenzhen, China is a pointless destination. It’s new, it’s gaudy, it has no soul or history. They are wrong. The city has been unfairly maligned. There is a lot to see and do in Shenzhen, China.  In case you’re in the neighborhood, my list of 10 Must Sees in Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen China at night.

Shenzhen China at night.

Shenzhen City
Shenzhen is the third largest city in China, no small feat for a city only 30 years-old. What started as a fishing village of 30,000 has grown into a modern metropolis of 12 million. A city, with a population one-third of Canada’s: Tell me that’s not something you must see?

Visit the Diwang Building
The Diwang building in Shenzhen’s downtown is the ninth largest building in the world, and the largest steel skyscraper in China. Visitors can ride to the observation deck and look out over the city, Guangdong province, and on a clear day, Hong Kong. A night time visit offers stunning views of some of Asia’s newest and most creative buildings.

Shop in Dongmen
Near the Hong Kong border is Dongmen Shopping Street (East Gate), a mecca for shoppers. Clothes, housewares, electronics: Anything you can imagine can be bought at Dongmen in the Luohu District of Shenzhen. Hone your bargaining skills before hand, and haggle for the best deal while shopping in Shenzhen.

Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens
This huge park in east Shenzhen features walking trails, a petrified forest, and museum. Fairy Lake is also home to Hong Fa Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Shenzhen. Another attraction is a tree planted by former Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping. The late Chairman Deng, who conceived of Shenzhen and its special economic zone status, is revered in the city.

Tianhou Temple
Chiwan Village, part of western Shenzhen, features an ancient temple to Tianhou, (or Matsu) the Mother of Heaven, and goddess of fisherman. She is worshiped across Asia. The original temple was built in 1410 after the fleet of Admiral and Explorer Zheng He was caught in a typhoon in the South China Sea. The temple offers visitors a glimpse of Chinese religion and myth.

Royal Tomb
Nearby the Tianhou Temple in Chiwan is the tomb of the boy-emperor Song Shao, Last Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty. He died when the Mongols chased the remnants of the Song court to China’s southern coast in 1279. A court official leaped into the sea with the boy, lest he be taken by the invaders.

Crane Lake Hakka Village
The Hakka were Northern Chinese, driven south by war. Their migration south started in the third century and lasted hundreds of years. They made their homes in walled communal villages in South China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. During the cold war the American military thought these villages (many round in shape) were missile silos. Crane Lake was the home of the Luo clan, and was completed in the 1800s. Visitors can see the partially restored buildings of the settlement, and learn more about the Hakka people and their culture.

Dapeng Fortress
Built during the Ming Dynasty, the Dapeng Fotresss once protected eastern Shenzhen and Hong Kong from Japanese pirates. In 1939 the British Navy, in an act that is considered the first of the Opium War, launched an attack. Chinese troops, in fishing boats, defeat the modern and better equipped navy. The old fort features the residence of General Lai, General Liu Qilong, and three temples. Dapeng Fortress is a piece of history, witnessing almost 600 years of tumultuous events.

See Phoenix Mountain Temple and the Dragon King Temple
Very close to each other, these temples, are located in Shenzhen’s northwest. Legends say that sometime during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) a phoenix lived in a cave on a nearby mountain. During the Southern Song Dynasty a General walking in the area had a dream of Guanyin, the Goddess of mercy. She asked him to build a temple near the famous cave.  The Buddhist temple is a popular site, attracting worshipers and tourists. Nearby is a temple to the Dragon King, famous in Chinese folk tales. The temple is small but extremely ornate. The area of the two temples has been developed into a large park with walking trails and green spaces

Visit Xinan Old Town – Nantou Ancient City
Shenzhen’s Nanshan District is the home of Xinan Old Town also called Nantou Ancient City, a former government county seat, dating to the Ming Dynasty. The area was first constructed in 331 and was designated a heritage site. Archeological digs at the ancient city have uncovered more than 3000 artifacts, now stored in a nearby museum. Some of the original city walls and gate, as well as ancient wells and buildings, and a temple to Chinese Hero Guan Gong, still remain.

Eat and Drink at Sea World
When you hear Seaworld, you think of Shamu and leaping dolphins. Not the case in Shenzhen. Sea World in the Shekou area is Shenzhen’s expatriate hangout.  The centerpiece of the promenade is a former French cruise ship cemented into the ground, now being used as a hotel, and containing several restaurants and bars. The area also has international eateries, and offer visitors a chance to eat and drink something different than Chinese fare.


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  1. Shenzhen’s economy is very well-developed,, but the travel, I prefer the Jiuzhaigou

  2. I want to know more about the condition of industry in shenzhen?I really appreciate for your help.

  3. Dear Sir/madam
    Would you please specify your question? What do you want to know?
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    Industrial and supporting facility advantages

    Shenzhen is the production and research base as well as the commodities trade center of high-tech products such as computer and software, communication equipment, audio and visual products, optical electromechanical products, biomedical products and medical equipment. Shenzhen has about 3,000 computer enterprises, producing almost all the computer parts. The output of color TV sets and computers come first in China, and the output of program controlled exchanges accounts for 80% in China, and the output of magnetic heads for hard disks ranks the 3rd in China, and the export of software ranks the firstly in China for 5 consecutive years, and the output of domestic brand mobile phones accounts for about 30% in China. The output of copy machines accounts for 43% in China, and the output of injection machine comes first in Asia, and the output of containers and digital multi-meters come first in the world. In addition, the furniture, clock and watch, clothes, gold and jewelry, and printing and artistic gift manufacturers are in the leading position in China.

    Shenzhen has 25,000 manufacturing enterprises, with complete industrial supporting facilities, and within the range of 2 hours’ drive with Shenzhen as the center, you can purchase 90% of electric components, 80% of mechanical and mould raw materials and parts, and 60% of plastic, metal and chemical materials.

    Famous Enterprise
    Tencent QQ
    EVOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
    Mindray Medical International Limited
    Xunlei NETWORK CO.,LTD

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    About Shenzhen China
    As an experimental plot of the economic reform, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is the window of opening up, whose construction has its own innovative thoughts. Shenzhen is a city with independent legislative power. As an open city, being adjacent to Hong Kong is the largest advantage of Shenzhen for its development. Shenzhen’s first foreign-invested corporation is from Hong Kong and nearly sixty percent of the foreign investments are from Hong Kong. As special economic zone, Shenzhen enjoys certain preference on tax and financial expenditure, which all serve for the economic exploration of it. The fruits that Shenzhen obtains can be promoted all over the country. Therefore, Shenzhen is called the window of the reform and opening up. The support of China’s central government on policies is the main reason for the development.

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  6. We are arriving shengzhen in dec, staying at Days htl luohu shengzhen. Can u advise how should we travel from our htl to : splendid china, happy valley n window of the world. Tks

  7. How to get Days Hotel Luohu Shenzhen

    1、From Hong Kong : take the train to lowu, shenzhen. after passing the Customs border, take the metro and get off at Laojie station, at exit B turn right and go straight, you will easily find our hotel.

    Or after passing Huanggang custom port, take a taxi to our hotel which cost about RMB40.00.

    2、From Airport : take taxi to our hotel which may cost RMB150.00 or 20 US Dollars
    take airport bus(cost RMB20.00) and get off at the terminal stop Hualian mansion, then take a taxi to our hotel( cost RMB15.00), or take the metro and get off at Laojie station, turn right at exit B and go straight.

    3、From railway station :Take metro and get off at Laojie station, cost RMB2.00. By taxi cost about RMB15.00.

    Laojie to Window of the World By Shenzhen Metro

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Window of the World Guide

    Happy Valley (Happy Kingdom) Guide

    Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages Guide

    Shenzhen Metro Line 1
    Window of the World Station
    Chinese Title:世界之窗



  8. Hi,I am travelling from Hong Kong airport by Shuttle bus to Shenzhen.I will be staying at Hedong Citycenter Hotel at 19,Yanhe East Road. Please tell me which bus should I take at the HK airport to get off as close as possible to the drop point to my hotel.Your reply will be much appreciated.

  9. Best Cheap,Fastest

    From Hong Kong International Airport to Sheung Shui Station,MTR,HONG KONG VIA A21(Airport Express Bus)

    FROM Sheung Shui Station to Lo Wu Station BY MTR

    Through Luohu Port Border Arrive Shenzhen Railway Station
    From Shenzhen Railway Station To Hedong Citycenter Hotel By Taxi
    Price:20CNY, Travel Time:20minites

    Useful Information

    Shenzhen Railway Station

    Hedong Citycenter Hotel is a 3 star business hotel locates in city center of Shenzhen. There is a thriving commercial center near the Grand Theater Metro Station and Old Street station exit B C exports. There are 104 stylishly designed and decorated guestrooms in the 7-floor buildings providing a relaxing stay. It is free for the guests to enjoy high speed internet access, Chinese newspapers. All guest rooms are equipped with IDD/DDD or mini bar, satellite TV, makeup mirror and bathtub or private shower. The hotel has 2 conference rooms which are equipped with advanced facilities, and the capacity is from 40 to 100 people. If you want to plan a conference or social event, it is your ultimate choice. Chinese and western restaurants provide special dishes. Guests will enjoy Hairdressing, Massage in entertainment center. Guest will have an unforgettable experience after visiting our hotel.

    The hotel is located in the city of Shenzhen. It is only 6km away from the city center. Only less than 1km away from the hotel, there are DongMen shopping street, Wanxiang City Mall and Shenzhen Luohu Commercial Center for guests to take a shopping tour. Three of the most famous view spots in Shenzhen – Happy Valley, Window of the world and China Folk Culture Villages are all located in the west of the hotel and the distance are all within 15km. If you’d like to take a long drive, the Dapeng Ancient City Museum is located about 40km away in the east of the hotel.

    Drive northwestward from Shenzhen Baoan Airport to enter Airport 4th Rd. Turn right first and then turn left, keep on driving along and then follow to Chuangye Rd. Follow to Guang-Shen Highway, exit from Cityarea/Nantou/Futian exit and head to Binhe Avenue. Turn left at Binhe Avenue and follow to Chuanbu Rd. Exit to sub-road to follow to Baoan Nan Rd. Follow to Shennan Dong Rd and then to Yanhe Dong Rd. The hotel will be found on the right side of the road.

    Sheung Shui Station
    Sheung Shui Station is the penultimate northbound station on the East Rail Line in Hong Kong. This station serves as the terminus of northbound trains after the Lo Wu Boundary Crossing has closed. Passengers wishing not to enter the Boundary Area illegally by proceeding to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau without a Closed Area Permit, valid passport and visa, or without the intention of crossing over to Shenzhen must disembark here.

    This station is located in the North District, New Territories, Hong Kong, serving the Sheung Shui area and its vicinity.

    Lo Wu Station
    Lo Wu Station is the northern terminus of the East Rail Line of Hong Kong, sitting in Lo Wu within the Closed Area on Hong Kong’s northern frontier. The station serves as a primary checkpoint for rail passengers between Hong Kong and mainland China and vice-versa, rather than serving a specific residential/commercial area like the other stations do. It is also the northernmost railway station in Hong Kong.

    When KCR first went into service, trains did not stop at Lo Wu, as there was no border patrol at the time.[citation needed] However, shortly after the People’s Republic of China was created in October 1949, KCR announced that trains would terminate at Lo Wu, and that passengers would be able cross the border on foot.

    Refurbishment work of the station started in 2002 and new facilities such as group waiting area and new ticket gates were introduced. Since 28 December 2004, this station also serves as the interchange station for the Shenzhen Metro Luohu station, which shares the same Chinese name.

    This station is also unique to rail systems of any kind in that sliding doors limit the number of people that are allowed on the platform. Two large glass sliding doors close after about a minute elapses from the time the train pulls in for boarding. These doors are located after the area for validating at the ticket barriers, but before the platforms area. Even with this system in place, passengers may have to wait for the next train to arrive before they can travel back towards Hung Hom, as alternate trains pull into each paired platform. This layout makes use of the Spanish solution.


  10. Thanks for the early reply.Does the Hong Kong shuttle bus from the airport stops close to Hedong Citycentre hotel?As I want to return to Hong Kong airport after a few days in shenzhen I would like to board a bus close to my hotel to HK airport.Your advice will be appreciated.I belive the shuttle bus from HK does stop at Shangri-La Hotel in shenzhen,does it stop close to my hotel also?
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  11. no stop close to your hotel

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