Shenzhen Wutong mountains

Shenzhen Wutong mountains

Shenzhen Wutong mountains

Chinese Title:梧桐山风景区

ADDRESS:Dawang Village, Shawan,Luohu (沙湾大旺村)

The main peak of Wutong Mountain stands 944 meters tall, the first peak in the Pearl River Delta and “Heavenly Pond of Wuling Range”. Now there are Forest Park and Sport Park, constituting one of the best scenic spots for sightseeing while mounting up to the top of the mountain. Standing on the mountainside of Brave Man Slope, you can survey Hong Kong, Dapeng Bay, Yantian Port and Shatoujiao ushering in the early morning sun ray, where you are surrounded with the unrestrained and far-ranging seas and the skies with a carefree and joyous mind.

Wutong Mountain

Covering an area of about 32 square kilometers, Wutong Mountain is in fact a series of hills, the highest peak of which is 944 meters high.

Seemingly far-removed from the city, streams flow down the gullies, and rich vegetation covers the hills. Beware the deceptively steep slopes.

The peak of “Grave Slope” offers a splendid view of Dapeng Bay, Yantian Harbor and Hong Kong.

Getting there:

Bus 211 can be taken from Dongmen Road Central. It goes to the village right below Wutong Mountain.

Bus 211 If you want to escape the bustle of the city for a while, pack a lunch, grab a friend or two and head out to Wutong for some serious hiking. With spring rains come gushing waterfalls and low-flying clouds shrouding the lush green treetops.

do you like climbing?

Have you heard about Wutong Mountain?Would you like
to visit Wu tong Mountain?Wutong Mountain is one of the few suburb natural beauty spots in China that are close to the downtown and take seashore, mountains and natural vegetation as landscape body. Its landscape is characterized by “rarity, beauty, quietness and broadness”. Among these landscapes, Phoenix Tree Smoke and Cloud is confirmed by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government as one of the new Eight Scenes of Shenzhen. The peak of the Wutong Mountain is 943.7m above sea level and the first peak of Shenzhen.

Wu tong Mountain is a natural beauty spots,free to entry.
My apartment is not far from Wu tong Mountain.But it will be bored to go alone.If you really want to relax yourself,to breath fresh air,to enjoy a wonderful day and to make new friends,please let me know. Chinese or foreigner friends,boys or girls are welcome. I am looking for 5 to 10 person to join this activities.
Climbing date:next Saturday or Sunday,depends on the weather.
Address:the last bus stop for 211.(Wu tong Mountain belongs to Luohu area),

You can take the taxi from the Luohu rail station to the WuTong mountain. And the taxi will take you near the foot of the mountain, it is convenient for you climbing the mountain. It apporxiamtely spends your 100 RMB, and it will take you about 1 hour in the whole journey from the real station to the WuTong mountain.
Thank you.

Shenzhen Wutong mountains

Shenzhen Wutong mountains

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  1. Can you advise a reasonable hotel to stay at near the entrance of Wutong mountain in order to start an early morning climb to watch the sunrise

  2. Wutongshan Hotel Located at the foot of Mount Wutong, it is just 10 metres from the Wutongshan National Forest Park.
    Address: 2002 Wutong Road, Shaotoujiao,YanTian District,Shenzhen

    Shatoujiao Hotel (Shatoujiao Binguan) is located in the prosperous area of Shatoujiao Shenzhen. The famous Zhongying Street is next to the hotel. The location is easy for traveling between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
    Address:150 Shashen Road (Shashen Lu) Shatoujiao,Yantian , Shenzhen China

  3. Is Shatoujiao Hotel near the Window of the World?

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