Shenzhen 2011 Summer Universiade

Title: 2011 Summer Universiade
Location: Shenzhen China



Description: The 26th Summer Universiade was attributed to the city of Shenzhen at the FISU Executive Committee meeting prior to the 2007 Winter Universiade in Torino. Other candidates were Kazan (RUS), Koashiung (TPE), Murcia (ESP) and Poznan (POL).

shenzhen universiade logo

shenzhen universiade logo

The Universiade is an International multi-sport event, organized for university athletes by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The name is a combination of the words “University” and “Olympiad”. The Universiade is often referred to in English as the World University Games or World Student Games; however, this latter term can also refer to competitions for sub-University grades students, as well.

Shenzhen will host the Universiade in 2011 from the 8th of August till the 18th of August. The city beat out four other candidates – Kaohsiung of Chinese Taipei, Poznan of Poland, Kazan of Russia and Murcia of Spain.

The Universiade has 10 compulsory sports, namely track and field, water sports (swimming, diving and water polo), basketball, soccer, fencing, gymnastics, judo, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

Start Date: 2011-08-12
Start Time: 1:00
End Date: 2011-08-22
End Time: 23:00

The 2011 Summer Universiade, the XXVI Summer Universiade, is scheduled for Shenzhen, China. The southern China city, located near Hong Kong, is a busy port and one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Bid selection

The cities of Kazan, Russia, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Shenzhen, China, Murcia, Spain, and Poznan, Poland were in contention for the Games. On January 16, 2007, FISU announced at the conference prior to the 2007 Winter Universiade, that the host would be Shenzhen.[1] With five candidates, it was the most competitive race to host a Universiade. Edmonton, Canada was also posed to make a serious bid, but withdrew.

Shenzhen was not considered a favorite as several other sporting competitions have been assigned to China in recent years including the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, 2009 Winter Universiade in Harbin, and the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. Also, as a city, Shenzhen is only 26 years old and lacks the experience compared to the other candidates.


Early reports promised the city would build 12 new stadiums and gyms in the Futian, Nanshan and Luohu districts. A new International Olympic Centre featuring a 60,000-seat main stadium, a 18,000-seat gym, a 13.4-square-kilometre park and other facilities, will also be established in Longgang District.

The 26th Summer Universiade was attributed to the city of Shenzhen at the FISU Executive Committee meeting prior to the 2007 Winter Universiade in Torino. Other candidates were Kazan (RUS), Koashiung (TPE), Murcia (ESP) and Poznan (POL).

After Beijing in 2001 (summer) and Harbin in 2009 (winter), the Universaide will once more return to China as the city of Shenzhen was successfull in its bid for the 2011 Summer Universiade. On the southern tip of China, on the Hong-Kong border, Shenzhen has been the fastest growing Chinese city for the last thirty years. The population of 13 million occupies an area of 2020 sqkm. Shenzhen’s strategic location is a great advantage for business and trade. Its many industries benefit from a very dense transport network and considerable investment interest. The high technology sector has rapidly become the driver of the local economy. Trade with Hong-Kong is another of Shenzhen’s main resources. The two cities have concluded a favoured partner agreement. In the last eight years since Hong-Kong has returned to Chinese sovereignty, business between the two cities has doubled. Their cooperation extended in 2004 and now concerns a whole series of common projects including trade, as well as scientific research, education, finance and tourism. Along the same lines, close cooperation has been developed between the universities of Shenzhen, and Hong-Kong, as well as those of Macao and Chinese Taipei. Student exchanges are numerous and are growing on an international scale.

Shenzhen to host 2011 World Universiade


TURIN, Italy, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) — The southern Chinese city Shenzhen won Tuesday the right to host the 2011 XXVI World University Games, the International University Sports Federation (FISU) announced here.

Shenzhen beat the other four candidates – Kaohsiung of Chinese Taipei, Poznan of Poland, Kazan of Russia and Murcia of Spain, during an executive meeting of the FISU at the Teatro Regio in Turin.

Xu Zongheng, major of Shenzhen and head of China’s delegation, cried with joy after FISU President George Killian announced the result.

“To host the 2011 World Universiade is the wish of every single Shenzhen citizen. The whole city is waiting for the result even it’ s midnight (2:00p.m. on Jan. 17, Beijing time) back in China,” Xu said.

Shenzhen’s local television broadcasted live the meeting when Killian announced the result.

“The Universiade will push the development of Shenzhen. I’m very excited about the result,” Xu added.

Shenzhen was not the favorite as several world top level competitions will be hosted in China for the next a few years.

The women’s soccer World Cup will be played in China and Beijing will host the 2008 Olympic Games.

Harbin in northeast China will stage the next version of the World Winter Universiade in 2009 and the Asian Games will be competed in Guangzhou in 2010.

“I don’t know how many votes Shenzhen won during the poll, but the result is the wish of the 22 executive members of FISU,” said Killian.

“Shenzhen is a new city of only 26 years old. They have done fantastic work and have a good plan. We have faith to them (to have a successful Games),” Killian added.

Shenzhen submits bid for 2011 Universiade


A delegation from Shenzhen Municipal Government submitted the bid document for the 26th World University Games to the International University Sports Federation (FISU) in Brussels on Wednesday, formally starting the city’s bid for the biannual event.

China’s State Council gave the nod to Shenzhen in December 2004 to bid for the 2011 Universiade.

It is the nation’s latest campaign to host a comprehensive international sports tournament after Beijing and Harbin successfully won the rights to hold the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and 2009 World University Winter Games.

The Shenzhen government has been working on the bid document since it got approval.

The document, in four languages including Chinese, English, French and Spanish, won high praise from Roch Campana, secretary general of FISU, who said he was impressed with its quality and Shenzhen’s determination to win the hosting rights.

In the report, the city government promised to build 12 new stadiums and gyms in Futian, Nanshan and Luohu districts.

A new International Olympic Centre featuring a 60,000-seat main stadium, a 18,000-seat gym, a 13.4-square-kilometre park and other facilities, will also be established in Longgang District.

Before Wednesday, five other cities have also applied for the Universiade.

They are Poznan of Poland, Kazan of Russia, Murcia of Spain, Edmonton of Canada and Kaohsiung of Chinese Taipei.

More cities are likely to apply for the event before the deadline today, making it the most competitive bid ever.

Shenzhen Mayor Xu Zongheng will make a presentation in Turin, Italy, on July 1, 2007 when the winning city will be announced.

If Shenzhen wins the bid, it will become the second Chinese city to host the games after Beijing hosted the 21st World Universiade in 2001.

Beijing hosted a successful Universiade two months after it won the rights to host the 2008 Olympics.

China, already sending its top-notch athletes, has a glorious history in Universiade competition. In Beijing 2001 and Daegu 2003, China topped the medal standing.

In the 2005 Universiade in Izmir, Turkey, sprinter Hu Kai from Tsinghua University won the 100m, becoming the first Chinese athlete to win the event in any international tournament.
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