From Hong Kong to Shenzhen via MTR?

Helo, Im from the Philippines! We wanted to go to Shenzhen (as a side trip from HK). We wanted to ride the train and end at Lok Ma Chau station since it is not busy unlike Lo Wu station. Do we still need a visa going to Shenzhen? we are 3 all in all. If so, how much would it cost? and how long would we wait? are visas available on the Lok Ma Chau station?

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Oh, so u are from the Philippines. Yes, as long as you are entering China (Mainland of course), you must apply for visa, apart from Singaporean, Brunei and Japanese passport excludes. Um, it should cost u US$30 (approx PHP1,410) for single entry and US$45 (PHP2,120) for double entry. Application can take 4-7 days depending on the type of visa issued, fast service must double the price for a 3 day application. So its total of US$90 for single entry and US$135 for a double entry visa for 3 persons. Its mostly for western personals but u can enquire at the window there, but to play safe, apply in advance will be better and cheaper than purchasing visa there, as it will cost u US$50 per person for apply there.


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