CHTF Sponsor Dongfeng Honda Accepts SPIRIOR Booking

It is reported that the 11th China Hi-Tech Fair will be held on November 16th, 2009. After successfully sponsored the 9th and 10th Hi-Tech Fair in 2007 and 2008, Dongfeng Honda will continue to sponsor Hi-Tech Fair this year. The CHTF will designate SPIRIOR as the VIP reception vehicle to receive the representatives from provinces and universities all over the country. SPIRIOR is a latest high-end luxury sports car launched by Dongfeng Honda on September 5th.

Dongfeng Honda SPIRIOR is a low-pitched luxury. SPIRIOR’s prototype is TS-X under the luxury brand Acura. It is understood that Acura TS-X, sold in the North American market, is a stylishand sporty triple-compartment vehicle. After test driving Acura TS-X, overseas media commended that the car was comparable to any cars in its category within the segment market, both adjustment and manipulation of which perform well, even as excellent as Audi A4 and BMW 3-series in some respects.

After entering Chinese market, SPIRIOR has carried out more humane integration in configuration details. Engineers has optimized its chassis and body structure, and heightened silence effect, so most noises can be kept away from the car. In this way, 10 loudspeakers with advanced multimedia audio system equipped in SPIRIOR are able to play greater effect during trips. SPIRIOR’s entertainment system has a 40G built-in hard disk. In addition, the configurations such as VSA, adaptive electronic power steering, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, dual-memorial electric driving seat, Bluetooth, etc. are equipped in the entire series of SPIRIOR.

SPIRIOR is listed on full acceptance of booking. Since there are only 70 sets, those who want to buy had better to move quickly. Big surprises are waiting for you!

Shenzhen Post Rebecca Contributes to the Story.

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