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  1. Shenzhen Tong card is a kind of non-contact intellectual IC card used for electronic fee collection in Shenzhen Tong system, which is an electronic wallet.
  2. The damage of the card surface means folding, cracking, bending, doodling, pasting other objects, printing patterns, edge chipping, lacking of angles, drilling a hole, softening with water and so on.
  3. Time of warranty: within 30 days from the first record of consumption on the basis that the card surface is protected well.

Scope of application:

  1. The card can be used in some transportation facilities such as metros, buses, medium and small buses etc. and some petty consumption stores (hereafter shorted for “Shenzhen Tong operators”) such as convenient stores and community supermarket within the urban areas where the mark of “Shenzhen Tong” are attached.
  2. The application scope of Shenzhen Tong will be enlarged in the fields of public transportation and petty consumption. Please pay attention to relevant announcement.
  3. If the consuming store does not accept Shenzhen Tong, please contact the operator of the store or the card issuer immediately.
  4. When taking metros, buses and other transportation tools, the card holder can only use it and enjoy the privilege himself. Swiping cards for others are not allowed.

Transaction method:

  1. Transaction places: You can buy the card at Shenzhen Tong Customer Service Center, inside the metro station and at convenient stores, community supermarket, and banks etc. (hereafter shorted as “Shenzhen Tong Agents”) where the mark of “Shenzhen Tong” are pasted. Shenzhen Tong’s transaction offices will be expanded and please find the announcement on the medias and website of the card issuers for detailed information.
  2. Transaction methods: a common card can be rented when paying for cash deposit of 30 Yuan, which will be returned when returning back the card; a common card can be bought with 25 Yuan; the commemorative card and individual-characteristic card will be issued at the price regulated by Shenzhen Tong Company.

Use of Shenzhen Tong card

  1. When taking metros, cardholders should swipe the card at the entry gates and exit gates; when taking one-ticket system lines, cardholders complete the payment when swiping the card; when taking the sectional fare lines, cardholders should swipe the card after confirming the amount using the stewards’ handhold raters and then the payments are completed.
  2. When consuming at petty consumption stores, the cardholders should confirm the amount of money before the payment.
  3. The card issuer only provides electronic money storing service. The Shenzhen Tong consumption relating ticket prices, expenses, notes and preferential policies are all decided by Shenzhen Tong operators.
  4. The service quality relating to the corresponding service provided by Shenzhen Tong operators will be the responsibility of Shenzhen Tong operators. Card issuer will not accept any complaint and claims that have nothing to do with Shenzhen Tong card.
  5. The function of overdraft of Shenzhen Tong currently is only applicable to part of the operators. Please pay attention to relevant announcement.
  6. When the equipment warns “insufficiency of balance”, it means the card has been over drawn or the balance is zero. The cardholder should make the payment in other method.

Places for returning back the cards:

  1. Cardholders can return the cards at Shenzhen Tong Customer Service Center and other places where the signs of returning back the cards are attached. Card issuer will continuously expand and perfect the construction and service of the card returning center. Cardholder should pay attention to relevant propagandizing and advertisement of the card issuer.
  2. Cards with balances within 50 Yuan could be returned at Shenzhen Tong offices and designated offices of Shenzhen Tong agents; Cards with balances between 50-300 Yuan could be returned at Shenzhen Tong Customer Service Center; Cards with balances exceeding 300 Yuan could be returned at designated offices of Shenzhen Tong.

Shenzhen Tong includes but not limited to, the following four types, which could all be used repeatedly

  1. Common card for rent: unregistered with the users’ name and report is unacceptable if the card is lost; cash deposit is 30 Yuan, overdraft is allowed and the card could be changed or returned back as per regulations.
  2. Common card for sale: unregistered with the users’ name and report is unacceptable if the card is lost; sale price is 25 Yuan, overdraft is not allowed and the card could not be changed or returned.
  3. Commemorative card: sale card issued with limited edition with commemorative meaning and collection value; unregistered with the users’ name, without cash deposit, overdraft is not allowed and could not be changed or returned.
  4. Individual card: sale card with individual information and patterns printed on the surface according to the requirement of the customers; unregistered with the users’ name, without cash deposit, overdraft is not allowed and could not be changed or returned; in the par value of 100 Yuan, 25 is cash deposit.

Shenzhen Tong (simplified Chinese: 深圳通) is a contactless smartcard system used in Shenzhen Metro in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China. It is developed by Shenzhen Modern Computer, the provider of automatic fare collection systems to Shenzhen Metro, with cooperation from Octopus Cards Limited, the operator of Hong Kong’s Octopus cardssystem. It was first adopted by minibuses in Shenzhen, until the new system was introduced by Shenzhen Metro.

Starting from January 18, 2006, Shenzhen Tong is gradually accepted by public buses to replace the old IC card system. Currently, nearly all single-fare routes operated by Shenzhen Bus Group accept Shenzhen Tong cards.

Infineon Technologies announced it has won a contract to be the sole supplier of contactless microprocessor chips for Shenzhen Tong cards. Issuance unit volume of these cards is expected to exceed three million by the end of 2008.Shenzhen Tong card can be purchased for RMB25 or can be rented for RMB0.50/month.

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Shenzhen Tong, Octopus to be integrated
DATE: 2010-01-28
MILLIONS of commuters in Hong Kong and Shenzhen will be able to use a single pre-paid card to pay public transport fares and make small purchases in the two cities starting later this year.

A card with two chips — integrating the Octopus card and the Shenzhen Tong smart card — will be introduced, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chief Executive Norman Chan Tak-lam said Tuesday.

The use of cash-free transactions would in future be expanded to the entire Pearl River Delta region, he said. Speaking at a forum on integration between Hong Kong and the Delta region, Chan said a “two-in-one card,” with chips for the Octopus card and Shenzhen Tong, or known as TransCard, was technically simple.

“But there is a need to issue new cards and tackle the issue of value uploading involving different currencies,” he said. Another feasible proposal would be development of a common card reader for use in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, including the Octopus card and Shenzhen Tong.

There are more than 20 million Octopus cards in circulation in Hong Kong, while 6.5 million Shenzhen Tong cards have been issued.

More than HK$90 million (US$12 million) worth of transactions are made each day with Octopus cards, but they are accepted only at 11 fast-food outlets in Shenzhen and four duty-free shops at Luohu and Huanggang checkpoints.

Chan said mutual use of e-money in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region would be conducive to creating a world-class Delta metropolis.

Tan Gang, vice president of Shenzhen-based think tank China Development Institute, said integration of stored-value cards would bring huge convenience for cross-border travelers.

“It will encourage more Shenzhen residents to travel to Hong Kong and stimulate consumption there,” he said. “It will also serve as a new platform for further cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.”

Visitors to Hong Kong from the mainland are among the top spenders, parting with an average of HK$5,676 last year, compared with HK$5,439 overall for overnight visitors, HK$2,138 for same-day visitors and HK$1,498 for all visitors, according to the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Octopus Holdings has been studying a possible merger with the Shenzhen smart card since 2008, but little progress has been made due to technical and operational obstacles, while there are also concerns over currency exchange.

The company’s chief executive, Prudence Chan Bik-wah, said last year that putting both chips in one card could cause the systems to interfere with one another. But a company spokeswoman said there had been breakthroughs. “We still need to perform tests over the next few months on the new card’s technical viability.”

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