Huawei completed 100G field trial in Spain

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd (“Huawei”), a leading global telecommunication solutions provider with long-term partnership with operators around the world, yesterday announced the successful completion of a 100Gbps field trial with Telefonica in Spain, which cover a distance of 1022km spanning from Palencia to Zaragoza in Spain without electricity relay transmission.

The field trial is based on Huawei’s OSN 6800 WDM/OTN transmission platform. The fiber type used is standard G.625 and single lambda rate is up to 112Gbps. The link passed through 20 spans with the concatenation of 10 sets of ROADM, 33 EDFA amplifiers and 2 sets of MUX/DEMUX. Arbitrary mixed 10G/40G/100G transports with 50Hz channel spacing were also achieved. The result of the trial indicates that an update from 10Gbps to 40Gbps/100Gbps is supported without the need of any changes on the field site, thereby protecting the operators’ original investment.

“We’re very pleased to cooperate with Telefonica and complete the100Gbps field trial,” said Mr. Cai Changtian, President of Huawei’s General Product Line of Transport Network. “The 100Gbps is the most advanced optical transmission technology in the industry and is crucial to the sustainable development and the construction of the green network of the operators in the future. Huawei has consistently innovated to drive the progress of the 100G standardization through continuous investment, focusing on the requirements of customers. The successful field trial with Telefonica truly demonstrates Huawei’s industrial-leading R&D capacity and innovative approach to 100G technology. Huawei will continue to collaborate with the leading global operators like Telefonica to further advance the 100G technology.”

As a leading transmission netowork solutions provider, Huawei has provided series of products and solutions for more than 100 countries and districts all around the world. According to OVUM-RHK, an authoritative consulting company, in its report, Huawei has ranked the first in the WDM/OTN field, leading the development of the global transmission network technology and commercialization.

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