Shenzhen International Airport Bus Station Guide,Airport Express,Public Buses

Shenzhen International Airport (HKIA) is served by a highly efficient and comprehensive transport network, making it easy to get to and from.

Arriving and departing passengers have plenty of choice. The Airport Express links SZIA directly to Shenzhen’s central business district and buses connect the airport with most of the city.
While taxis and coaches provide additional choices for passengers, there are also limousines which take passengers to their destinations directly.

Shenzhen Airport Bus Station Guide
类型 Coverage 线路
始发站 Start 终点站 Destination 途经站点
Pass-by stops
营运时间 Service Hour
Hong Kong & Macau
机场—福永码头 Airport-Fuyong Harbour 机场 Airport 福永码头 Fuyong Harbour 直达
机场—澳门 Airport-Macau 澳门 Macau 珠海(拱北、横琴) Zhuhai (Gongbei、Hengqin) 7:50-20:30
机场—香港佐敦 Airport-HongKong Jordan 香港佐敦 HongKong Jordan 深圳湾口岸/九龙/旺角 ShenZhen Bay Port/Kowloon/Mongkok 9:30-21:00
机场—香港机场 Airport-HongKong Airport 香港国际机场 HongKong Inernational Airport 深圳湾口岸 ShenZhen Bay Port 9:30-18:00
机场—香港湾仔 Airport-HongKong Wanchai 香港湾仔 HongKong Wanchai 皇岗/锦上路/太子 Huanggang/Kam Sheung Road/Prince Edward Road 8:20-23:30
机场—香港机场 Airport-HongKong Airport 香港国际机场 HongKong Inernational Airport 皇岗口岸 Huanggang Port 8:20-21:20
机场—香港迪士尼乐园 Airport-HongKong Disneyland 香港迪士尼乐园 HongKong Disneyland 皇岗口岸 Huanggang Port 8:20-11:00
Guangdong Province
机场—中山 Airport-Zhongshan 机场 Airport 中山城市候机楼 The ZhongShan city airplane lounge building 直达
机场—东莞 Airport-Dongguan 东莞城市候机楼 The Dongguan city airplane lounge building 虎门城市候机楼 The Humen city airplane lounge building 8:20-21:20
机场—广州 Airport-Guangzhou 广州东圃汽车站 Guangzhou Dongpu Bus Station 黄埔 Huangpu 11:15-18:45
机场—惠州 Airport-Huizhou 惠州汽车总站 Huizhou Bus Station 龙华 Longhua 7:10-20:40
机场—惠东 Airport-Huidong 惠东汽车站 Huidong Bus Station 龙华/淡水 Longhua/Danshui 7:10-19:10
机场—樟木头 Airport-Zhangmuto 樟木头汽车站 Zhangmutou Bus Station 松岗/公明/黄江 Songgang/Gongming/Huangjiang 8:00-15:00
Shenzhen Downtown
330 机场 Airport 福田华联大厦 Futian HuaLian Building 深航大厦/上海宾馆 Shenhang Building/Shanghai hotel 7:30-航班结束Last Flight
龙岗新生村水岸新都 Longgang Xinsheng Village Waterland New Town 龙岗汽车站/党校 Longgang Bus Station/Communism Party School 8:00-22:00
龙岗区平湖华南城 Longgang Pinghu South China Town 平湖汽车站/龙华汽车站 Pinghu Bus Station/Longhua Bus Station 8:00-22:00
公明汽车站 Gongming Bus Station 松岗汽车站/沙井汽车站 Songgang Bus Station/Shajing Bus Station 7:30-22:00
大梅沙东部华侨城 Dameisha Beach Eastern Overseas Chinese Town 宝安客运中心/福田中医院/罗湖体育馆
Bao’an Bus station/Futian Chinese Medicine Hospital/Luohu Sport Stadium
布吉大芬油画村 Buji Dafen oil painting Village 康达尔汽车站/华为基地 Kangdaer Bus Station/Huawei Base 8:00-22:00
蛇口西部通道 Shekou West Passageway 科技园南北园 Sience & Technology Park South & North Region 8:00-22:00
皇岗口岸 Huanggang Customs House 特区报社/会展中心 Special Zone Daily Office/Exhibition Center 8:00-22:00
蛇口码头 Shekou Harbour 西乡/宝安体育馆/蛇口沃尔玛
Xixiang/Bao’an Sport Stadium/Shekou Wal-Mart
327 福田水上乐园 FuTian Water Park 南头/世界之窗/欢乐谷 NanTou/Happy Valey/Window of the World 7:30-22:00
355 蛇口港 Shekou Harbour 西乡/南头 Xixiang/Nantou 7:00-22:00
K568 罗湖火车站 Luohu Railway Station 深大/下沙 Shenzhen University/Xiasha 8:00-23:30
602 宝安三区 Bao’an 3rd District 黄田/西乡 Huangtian/Xixiang 7:20-16:45

No.330 Airport Bus

Boarding Info
1. From Luohu check point to Hualian Mansion, in addition to taxi, one can take No. 215 and get off at the station of “Xinhua Hotel” or take No.25 and No. 12 and get off at the station of “Technology Gallery”.
2. One who holds the ticket of FM, MF, 3C and HU gets off at waiting hall of terminal A, please. And the passengers who hold the tickets of ZH, CA, MU, SC and international fligts get off at waiting hall of terminal B, please.
Schedule Table
Start From
Departure Time(1st Bus)
Arrival Time(Last Bus)
Bus fare
Hualian Mansion
Shenzhen Airport
The bus runs every 20 minutes and the estimated journey takes 35 minutes,with no stops halfway.One can take the bus 2 hours before the departure time of his/her flight.
Shenzhen Airport
Hualian Mansion
Till no flights
The destination of the bus is Hualian Mansion,via Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway,the station of Zhuzi Lin,and the station of Investment Building. After 7:00pm(referring to departure time), the route will be extended to Ludan Village and Forum Hotel (West Square of Railway Station)
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  1. Hi,
    May i know if Shenzhen Airport Bus No. 330 actually passes by any of the hotels in Shenzhen city centre? If the answer is no, then what are the nearest hotels within walking distance to Hualian Mansion? Thank you.

  2. which direction to go to get the bus 330? is it operating until late nite? will the bus stop at zhu zhi lin metro station? How to get to Yihua Building from zzhuzhi lin?

  3. Whats your contact number to be talking directly to correspondents for more information please?

  4. Bambang Purnomo // June 17, 2011 at 11:19 pm //

    kami 10 orang dari bandara Hongkong pergi ke Shenzhen naik private coach, dimana pesannya dan berapa harganya?

  5. To : Bambang Purnomo,
    Kebetulan tujuan Ƨ̷åγα sama dengan anda, yaitu dari bandara hongkong menuju ke shenzhen, kami ƨǎмþǎϊ pukul 19.50 ϑϊ bandara hongkong, mohon infonya pak, transport apa saja menuju ke shenzhen. Kami ber-7. Thanks

  6. Edward Tang // September 7, 2011 at 12:04 pm //

    Is there a bus from Shenzhen Airport to Shajing, Bao,an? My destination is near Bank of China, Shajing branch or Shajing Peoples Hospital. Thank you.

  7. by taxi
    about 50RMB

  8. is there any direct bus service from baoan airport to yong chun or jinjiang or zuanzhou or xiamen in fujian, if any what is the last bus service timetable

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