Shenzhen Archery Championship highly appraised by FISU

Accompanied by relevant officials of Shooting and Archery Management Center of State Physical Cultural Administration, responsible persons of archery event of Guangdong Province Competition Center and other relevant persons, Chairman of Technical Commission of Individual Event (Archery) of FISU, Carlos, came to the Executive Bureau of the Universiade on 15 April, 2010, holding a forum with the Bureau on the preparation work of the 8th Unviersiade Archery Championship.

On the forum, Head of Competition Department of the Executive Bureau of the Universiade, Mai Wuqiang made a report on the preparation work of the 8th Universiade Archery Championship, which includes the enrollment of the competition, venue and equipments, competition regulations, preparations, work schedule and independently developed timing system. After debriefing, Carlos highly confirmed and appraised the work that the Bureau has made. Carlos said, “The number of the countries taking part in the University student Archery Championship is expected to exceed 30 and I am very confident for this.”

On the same morning, Carlos, accompanied by relevant persons of the Competition Department, Venue and Stadium Department and Information and Technology Department, came to inspect the archery venue at Shenzhenwan Road. According to relevant information, as the archery competition field of the 26th Unviersiade, the plan of this field totally confirms to the requirement of FISU. He expects to keep in touch with the Executive Bureau and strengthen the communication for promoting the preparation work of the Universiade’s archery competition.

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