ZTE cited for its energy-saving technology

ZTE cited for its energy-saving technology

The “2010 Seminar for Green Communication and Energy Saving Innovation” jointly organized by China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute and Communication Weekly was held recently in Beijing, which comment the corporations headed by ZTE that have major contributions on environment-friendly energy saving as well as their solutions. ZTE is the recipients of three awards including one enterprise-level energy-saving technology award and two major solution awards. ZTE is also the corporation that wins the most awards in this Seminar.

Copenhagen Climate Conference reminded people the significant meaning of energy-saving and emission reduction to the development of the world and at the same time focalize the dilemma of promoting the harmonious development of economic growth and energy saving and emission reduction. Technical expert of power products line of ZTE makes keynote speech on “Application of TCO Analysis in Power System”, introducing in detail the method of TCO and analyzing the operators’ TCO from the point of CAPEX. The Seminar gives commendations to ZTE, which are the confirmation of the industrial leading experts and users for ZTE’s contributions on communication and energy saving during 2009 and 2010. It also indicates ZTE’s green energy-saving innovation, green energy and green network have been deeply rooted in the hearts of people.

Energy-saving and emission reduction and the development of low-carbon economy is the development guideline of the “Post Copenhagen Era”, during which several operators and institutes cosponsored the “Jointly Establishing the Green Communication”.

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