Red Packet Resulted in Woman’s Anus Sewed up in Shenzhen Hospital

Shenzhen Municipal Health, Population and Family Planning Commission made announcement to the media on July 29 that the report about a mother who had just given birth to her baby was revenged by a nurse midwifery by sewing up her anus for the likely reason that the money in the red packet was too little was not true.

It is recognized after investigation, the delivery woman’s anus has no sign of sewing up. The problem is that the nurse midwifery made hemostasis treatment by ligation for the piles of the woman, which is beyond her duty.

The nurse midwifery surnamed Zhang, who had kept silent since the burst of this incident, showed up before the media yesterday, certifying on her honor that she did not do anything like sewing up the delivery woman’s anus and had return the red packet to Mr. Chen, husband of the delivery woman. The expert group of Shenzhen health department confirmed after investigation that the woman’s anus has no sign of sewing up.

On the news briefing, journalist showed a picture of the piles and asked the experts on site whether it’s ligation or sewing up. The experts demonstrated the difference between ligation and sewing up but could not exactly judge the case only on the picture.

By Shenzhen Post Elaine

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