Buffet to Visit BYD in Shenzhen

On the General Shareholders’ Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway in May this year, Warrant Buffet was asked by journalists about his trip to China in the second half of the year. He released he was invited by BYD Corporation which would send him detailed schedule later. Relevant information shows BYD has made overall preparation work for the trip of Buffet in China.

It’s said that Buffet together with his friend Gates will pay visits to the bases of BYD in all over China, during which, he will participate in several pageants and ceremonies of BYD personally.

This information was confirmed by Du Gruozhong, Public Relation Manager of BYD’s headquarters in Shenzhen. He did not tell the time of the trip and only said that preparations were on going.

During the trip, Buffet will visit BYD’s headquarters in Shenzhen, Kuiyong Production Base, Baolong Production Base, Huizhou Base as well as BYD’s Changsha Base and the Capital Beijing. It’s anticipated that Buffet will continue to deepen the investment on BYD during this trip.

It’s quite a surprise that Buffet chose Changsha instead of the capital city Shanghai and the emerging city Chongqing. In August last year, BYD made an investment of 3 billion Yuan for acquiring Midea Coach on an overall base and at the same time built a new energy automobile production base with total floor area of 4 square kilometers, which would realize an annual production capacity of 30 thousand vehicles this year.

By Shenzhen Post Elaine

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