Wang Rong: Achievements Confirm Decisions

A celebration was held in Shenzhen to mark Shenzhen’s 30th anniversary as China’s first economic reform zone, on which, Wang Rong, Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee made an address, according to the report of Sing Tao Daily News.

Wang Rong said, since the reform and opening-up under the guide of the late national leader Deng Xiaoping, Shenzhen has developed into a modern metropolitan now from a small town t thirty years ago, with concerns of all previous central committees. The achievements of the world interest belong to the people.

The national leaders of all previous years have strong supported the development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shenzhen’s achievements today just verified the right decision of establishing the economic zone, said Wang Rong.

Wang Rong said, Shenzhen will exert itself in promoting the area coordination and make great efforts to make itself a reform model, contributing more efforts China’s stepping into a moderately prosperous society.

He emphasized that Shenzhen will burn the mission of early and pilot implementation and make Shenzhen a modem and internationally advanced city.

By Shenzhen Post Elaine

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