21 Newly Built Venues and Stadiums Completed

According to the headquarter for constructing and guaranteeing the stadium projects of the Universiade yesterday, the Seven Star Bay of the marine sports event base of the Universiade had been completed and checked for acceptance. Thus, the 21 newly built stadiums and venues for the Universiade had been completed.

According to relevant introduction, the Seven Star Bay located in Shentie Bay, where the sea water was good and the traffic on land was convenient. With total harbor basin area of 105000 square meters and harbor depth of 4 meters, the stadium has provided various functional rooms for the events, including athlete center, media center, VIP reception and various offices and rest rooms.

The 21 newly constructed stadiums and venues now had all been completed and checked for acceptance, including the Universiade Center, Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Bao’an Sport Center, Pingshan Sports Center, University City Sports Center and other centers.

The Universiade will start to use 10 temporary stadiums, which will be competed collectively in June and July.

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