Aircraft “Universiade” to appear on runway launching ceremony

On the launching ceremony of the second runway of Shenzhen to be held on July 26, Shenzhen Airlines will send out the “Universiade” aircraft which has been finely painted to join in the flying team, giving different scenery to the launch of the second runway, according to Shenzhen Airlines.

According to relevant person of Shenzhen Airlines, the start using of the second runway of Shenzhen has significant meaning to Shenzhen Airlines, which will help it make further development.

As Shenzhen Universiade will soon be held, the using of the second runway at Shenzhen Airport will greatly support the air transportation for the Universiade. Shenzhen Airlines currently totally has four color-painted “Universiade” aircrafts, which will be used for Universiade serving, safety and propagandizing purpose. The four “Universiade” aircrafts all have their own distinguished features, which could reflect the elements of the Universiade from different sides. However, which aircraft will be chosen to take part in the launching ceremony has not been determined. It will depend on the flying task arrangement of the four “Universiade” aircrafts.