ZTE sued Ericsson for patent infringements

After Ericsson filed a legal action against ZTE for patent infringement on April 1, ZTE took a lead to sue Ericsson in China, accusing that Ericsson has violated part of its patent rights, including core network, GSM, and the fourth generation mobile communication system. The lawsuit has been accepted by the court.

In last lawsuit, ZTE Communication brought a prior accusation against Ericsson’s subsidiary in China and, correspondingly, Ericsson filed the legal action against ZTE’s subsidiary in UK. According to relevant information, ZTE has filed an application asking the court to stop Ericsson to infringe ZTE’s relevant patents, including Ericsson’s core network, GSM and the fourth generation mobile communication system related patents. Compared with this, Ericsson’s action against ZTE is mainly on GSM related patents.

ZTE said, “The Company has been always respect the intellectual property and advocates solving the patent related right cooperation with cross authorization, package agreement and other methods. However, while the efforts of seeking friendly solution failed, it is necessary to take legal actions to protect the company’s interest. ”

Insiders consider the patent lawsuit usually can not change the industry’s development trend and it is specially the case when the two parties’ patent chips have no absolute upper hand. For example, Nokia filed actions against Apple for patent infringement, but it did not affect the success of Apple. On the opposite, only one party has absolute advantage, the whole industry’s ecology chain could be changed.


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