Free WIFI available during Universiade

Free WIFI available during Universiade
The three largest operators in Shenzhen have provided preferential policies of citywide free WiFi network and various people-oriented services for Shenzhen residents, seizing the business opportunities with the help of the Universiade, according to relevant information yesterday.

Shenzhen Mobile said, the customers of Gotone’s eight packages from this day are allowed to access to the WiFi network across the country without any charge, while the customers of other brands can obtain 40 hours’ free experience per month. Additionally, the users of the Double MSISDN in Single SIM Card services and Hong Kong daily package of China Mobile can access to over 600 WiFi hot spots in Hong Kong. As of now, Shenzhen Mobile has over 2000 WiFi hot spots, which cover the Universiade stadiums, Universiade designating hotels for reception, comprehensive shopping centers, and other public places with high people density.

Shenzhen Unicom also said, the users of the post-paid mobile phones are able to access to Unicom’s WiFi network without any limitation in the hot spots covering areas in China. Currently, Shenzhen Unicom has completed the WiFi network coverage over the large traffic hinges, hotels, conference centers, event stadiums.

China Telecom’s free services are more extensive. During the Universiade, China Telecom will provide free WiFi services across the city, which will be lasted until September 30. As of now, China Telecom has over 3000 WiFi hot spots in Shenzhen, which cover the Universiade’s main stadiums, airports, train stations, ports and other areas with high density population.

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