Trip to Shenzhen indicates Xi Jinping’s reform resolution

The new Communist Party Chief Xi Jinping started his inspection trip to Shenzhen on December 7th, 2012 for a term of three days. That was Xi’s first trip out of Beijing, during which there were no red carpets, no extravagant banquets, no massive secu

rity precautions and no overly burdensome traffic controls.

Rather than what he did, it was the attitude in which the new Party chief arrived that caught the attention of the media. There were no welcoming crowds or banners, no red carpet, and no heavy traffic control. Xi has ordered the serving of simple

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and unadorned food with no more than six dishes and one soup, and a buffet meal for accompanying officials, according to a propaganda officer.

While Xi visited the Qianhai experimental zone and a couple of businesses on Friday, he spent time on Saturday laying flowers at a bronze statue of the late leader Deng Xiaoping on Lianhua Hill.

“In China, it is very important for the central leadership to set an example because it sends a strong signal to officials at the lower levels,” said a professor at

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China University of Political Science and Law.

Allen from Shenzhen Post.


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