A Girl was Posed Nude and Blackmailed by Net Friend

July 30 the defendant Wei was sentenced to prison for six months because of offence of extortion by blackmail. Wei presented to be Hong Kong citizen to cheat a female friend’s trust. Then he took naked photos of her and extorted her money.
Jan 14, 3013, Wei pretended to be Hong Kong citizen. He knew Chen through internet, chatted with her and got her heart. After chatting for two days, they met in reality and had sex in a hotel.

Victim Chen thought it is true love, He never thought Wei would put screeny pro in the room without her attention. Wei took naked photos of her and sent some to Chen. He threatened to send these photos to Chen’s relatives and friends and blackmailed Chen for 3000RMB.
Jan 26, Wei was arrested by Shenzhen police station Nanshan branch station.

Shenzhen post Eva contributes to the story