Tropical Storm “Butterfly” will Strike East-central Coast of Guangdong

The 21st Tropical storm “Butterflies” of this year came into being in the Central part of South China Sea surface at 14pm yesterday, which would bring more than 7 grade gales to the east-central Guangdong coast and threaten the security of sea-related vessels and offshore work. Vice governor, general director of Guangdong Provincial Flood Control,Drought Prevention and Windproof Headquarters Deng Haiguang noted that we should pay close attention to the dynamics of “Butterfly” , strengthen analysis and judgement and notify the fishing boats to go back to the harbour in advance as soon as possible.

According to the monitoring datas, the center of tropical storm “Butterfly” is located in about 590 km Southeast Sea surface of Lingshui County,Hainan province at 20pm Sept 27th,the largest wind force is 8 grade (20 m / s) near the center. It is expected that “Butterfly” will move slowly at a speed of 5-10 km towards the west and the south sea surface of Hainan, its intensity strengthens gradually.

Due to the joint influence of the “Butterfly”,the cold air and the southwest monsoon, there will be 6-7 level gales in Guangdong east-central coast from last night to the daytime of today. Wind force in the northern and central parts of the South China Sea is 8-9 grade and gusts are up to 10-11 grade.

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