2nd China Information Technology Expo Held in Shenzhen

2nd China Information Technology Expo has been held for 3 days in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. It is themed “promoting information consumption, leading transformaton and upgrading. ” There are over 1500 firms participating in the Expo and more than 3000 new products displayed and new technologies introduced.

Reported by Shenzhen Special Economy Zone Daily, yesterday morning, the 2nd China Information Technology Expo was opened in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center.

Liu Lihua, the vice minister in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, announced the inauguration and made a speech. He says, nowadays, the new generation of IT is developing and inproving at a rapid speed, plenty of new technologies and products emerging, all of which are exerting an overwhelming even subversive influence upon the style and pattern of the traditional industrial development. This Expo aims to build up a platform for the insiders to communicate and share with each other, give a show of the achievement of the industrial development and reflect the recent trend about the new technolonies and products, hoping iteself an annual pageant rich in international influence and a windvane leading a new generation of IT.

IT industry has developed fast in Shenzhen and its output value last year reaches 1500 billion RMB, which proves that it has grown into the most important industrial base of IT in the world. This Expo focus on the demonstration of the advanced technologies of information consumption and the hottest spots,  and spreading the newest minds and ideas of the industrial development, which will stimulate the conbination of technology and production and the connection of capital and market that is important to help the communicaton of IT and product trade.

Liu says that Guangdong has become one of the most important base of IT around the country even the world. He hopes that the participants will take the great oppotunies in Shenzhen to fully display its uniqueness, deepen the cooperation and communication, promote the mutual benefit.

2nd China Information Technology Expo is co-sponsored by Shenzhen goverment and  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the area of the exhibition is over 100,000 sq.m, where there are 23 specific sections and  more than 80 forums for special topics .

Sonia from Shenzhen Post contributes to the story

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