Poor Service for Employees in Shenzhen

In the recent years, these ruthless conditions, such as high house price and high-level consumption, directly or indirectly are putting the great pressure on employees, especially the young ones and reducing Shenzhen’s charm for them. What’s more, for the fresh graduates, the poor service of the personnel market depress and trouble them, which arise the great concerns of some HR experts in state-owned enterprises. What they are concerned about is that the reality above will further damage Shenzhen’ attraction for young people.

Some experts mention that the complicated problem to attract talents has to be involved in many factors and other relevant aspects, first of which is housing problem, the crucial point to decide whether talents are able to take root and develop themselves sustainably in Shenzhen; however, nowadays lack of the satisfying infrastructural construction, such as cheap houses, the efficient implement is to enhance the service of personnel market to save and hold more employees; besides, the regional competition is sharper and sharper. For example, in Guangdong Province, Guangdong and Zhuhai begin to catch up rapidly, on the other hand, Beijing、Shanghai、Tianjin、Chongqing and Suzhou also have a great competition with Shenzhen. Shenzhen is now facing a bigger challenge.

Sonia from Shenzhen Post contributes to the story

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