Reform & Innovation of Pension Service in Guangming New District

According to the recent news from the Social Construction Department, the reform and innovation of pension service in Guangming New District has been initiated, and that means people over 70 years old can obtain the advanced allowance. This new measure aims at improving the welfare of the senior in Guangming New District and prompting the development of the appropriate universal-type elderly welfare system, as well as a concrete step to improve the senior’s livelihood. In the result, the number of the beneficiary elderly people will increase fourfold. In 2004, there are mainly 3 aspects to promote the construction of the pension service system, the infrastructural construction, ancillary facilities and personnel training. The department is determined to carry out the plan ‘9064’, which means that 90% of the senior will be fully taken care of by their families under the support of the system, 6% by the community and 4% by the retirement organization. Among them, one item of building the facilities and infrastructures is Guangming Social Welfare Institution that has been through bid and will add about 280 new nursing beds and130 beds for the disabled, which will efficiently release the terrible shortage of beds for the senior in the New District.

The premise of obtaining the pension is having the identity of Guangming New District. With that, the elderly of between 70 to 75 years old can get 100 yuan per month. The relevant procedure of application and the way of pension disbursement are the same as those of over 80-year-old people. The disbursement of the advanced allowance for the senior begin from 2010, and up to the end of March in 2014, the amount of the allowance reaches 10.0499 million yuan, covering more than 1200 elderly people.

Sonia from Shenzhen Post contributes to the story

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