Shenzhen’s commercial real estate ranks 4th

In the report issued by Shenzhen World Union Properties Consultancy Co.,Ltd., the commercial real estateof Shenzhen ranks 4th. Among the vulnerable or risky cities in the report, large-scale real estate enterprises are included, such as these leading enterprises like China Vanke Co.,Ltd., China Poly Group Corporation, Gemdale Corporation in Sanya, Wenzhou, Yueyang, and Wuhu.
In the general index of city investment value, Shenzhen ranks 10th, sharply lower than Beijing, and the top three are Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing,Shenzhen’s ranking in residential category comes to the 3rd, and its commercial property and office building 4th.
120 prefecture-level cities or above chosen as samples, overlap nearly 20 urban agglomerations in midwest east regions, mainly studied from the 3 aspects of urban population, industrial economy and market features, and the researchers try to build up the value index system of urban investment in property. In the results of assessment, the cities of the leading type is 2, Beingjing and Shanghai, the front-runner 13, Shenzhen included, and the potential type 30, the fragile ones 41 and the risky ones 14.
According to the results, the east region is the remarkable cluster of investment value, where more than 2/3 of the front-runner and potential cities are located. However, in the recent years, the real estate market is kind of overheating, and almost half the fragile ones scatter here.
Compared with the west region, the middle part centers over 1/3 fragile cities, the west has more than half the risky cities. Therefore, the middle part is definited as diffusion zone of investment value, the wast as concentration zone of investment risk.

Sonia from Shenzhen Post contributes to the story

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