Smart Bus Brings Passengers into Free WiFi Age

Yesterday afternoon, in the 2nd China Information Technology Expo, a smart bus contributed by Shenzhen Guangqi Higher Polytechnic Institute and Vision China Media Group Co., Ltd., catched participants’ eyes. It was released that the public transportation in Shenzhen was greatly likely to be the 1st to welcome the free WiFi age. The journalist on spot encountered a series of the new-born smart applications, such as solution projects offered by super wireless Internet, information broadcast on mobile TV screen, automatic bus-stop reporting system, broadcasting information of commercial sites near stations, rebate from consumption.

As soon as the passengers get on the bus, the first step they will do is experience the new technology of “photon certification” invented by Guangqi. Via a beam of light, the passengers’ identities will be authenticated, and after that, open the phone or PAD and reach the free WiFi signal on board, the passengers can start to browse the news, listen to the music and watch the videos.

Then getting off, the passergers will enjoy the service of automatic bus-stop reporting system, which can automatically offer them what they may need with the help of GPS. According to the relevant introduction, the signal device on board uses the specific signal channel opened by China Unicom, as well as the unique signal section; besides, the router transfers the carrier network into a whole WiFi one all over the bus, not only connecting all models of phones, but also holding as many as 50 devices on the Internet.

Vision China Media Group Co., Ltd. has the biggest network of the ourdoors digital mobile videoland, covering 89 cities in China. Through 3G or 4G, on the one hand, it is probable for passengers to make full use of the spare time on board, on the other hand, with the help of the background server and firewall, it is to the most extent for them to enjoy themselves under a safe Internet environment. The WiFi system is free to passengers forever.

Sonia from Shenzhen Post contributes to the story

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