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Shenzhen’s housing price not to be affected by new policy

Shenzhen earlier announced the Shenzhen’s Reform Proposal of Housing Accumulation Fund System, according to which, the 2.28 million employees with household registry in Shenzhen would all enjoy the Housing Accumulation Fund hereafter. The exact paying time would be May 22nd, 2009 when the Proposal was approved and the paying registered time was planned to start […]

Shenzhen Muslim Hotel

Shenzhen Muslim hotel at the Spanish Shennan Road interchange with the South Lions. Department bustling commercial district, the distance between the Lo Wu Control Point, the railway station only 10 minutes ride is the only one in Shenzhen foreign Muslim Hotels.

China Internet Investment & Trade Fair 2009,Shenzhen China

Date: Jun 26 – 28, 2009
Venue:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

What do i need to get married in Macau if Iam from Venezuela?

I have lived in Shenzhen, China for two years. My boyfriend and I want to get married in Macau and want to know what the requierements are!! FAQ Q:Marriage in Macau Is it possible for two tourists, i.e. non-residents, to get married in Macao, as it is in Hong Kong? What is the procedure? Thanks! […]

Weather for Shenzhen, Guangdong, China,23,June 2009,Shenzhen Weather Forecast

June 2009,Shenzhen Weather Forecast

flights from Los Angeles, California, USA to Shenzhen

Considering the flight tickets, i recommend you fly from Los Angeles, California or USA to Hong Kong and then transfer to Shenzhen, which will be much cheaper. I will try to find some inexpensive flights information for you . When do you go to shenzhen? in order to find some inexpensive flights information for you […]

Shenzhen’s GDP up by 7.8% in May

Member of Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee and Acting Mayor of Shenzhen, Wang Rong pointed out on June 21st that Shenzhen’s overall economic development situation had been better since this year. According to the statistics, Shenzhen’s GDP in the first five month was up by 7.8% over the same period last year, which was […]

Guaranteeing Economic Growth, Priority of Shenzhen

Member of Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee, Deputy Party Secretary of Shenzhen and Acting Mayor, Wang Rong was on a run to the six districts in the city on June 19th and made investigation on the work of “guaranteeing economic growth”. “I am fully confident about the future development of Shenzhen” From 8:30 am […]

Shenzhen’s Kindergarten buses to be equipped with GPS

Shenzhen will carry out an all-around examination of the potential safety hazard on the school buses and rooms of all kindergartens in Shenzhen during the summer holiday. To raise the standard of the school buses of kindergartens on road, Shenzhen requires all the school buses to be equipped with GPS, according to the Working Conference […]